Managing Director & Founder

Dr. Ambrish Kumar

Dr. Ambrish Kumar is the founder and Managing Director of LogYcode Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd. He holds the acumen of 12 years of experience in stalwart diverse combination in the domains of Logistics, Freight Forwarding, CFS, Operation, Supply Chain Management, Warehousing & Evaluating New Project Movements.

He has held senior management pedestals of different reputed organizations like APM Terminals India Pvt. Ltd., Eastern Cargo Carriers India Pvt. Ltd and the finally held the mantle of S.A. Consultants and Forwarders Pvt Ltd in the capacity of COO before venturing into forming LogYcode.

He is a motivational speaker, trainer and an active orator in various educational institutions. He is highly instrumental in the functions of many NGOs.

He has an affluent academic background, having attained Ph.D in Economics, with his thesis on ‘Industrial Policy and Industrial Growth’. Also, his qualifications include M. A. in Economics and MBA in International Trade.

Furthermore, he is a highly motivated and result oriented professional adept at building strong relations with key stakeholders. He had successfully shaped the future of SA Group in his previous capacity, with his perceptive inclination towards technology, artificial intelligence and human development. A perfectionist and a team player who believes in imparting his endless knowledge, grooming leaders to the highest levels.