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Dr. Ambrish Kumar delivering cutting-edge logistics solutions with 'LogYcode' . Dr. Ambrish goes beyond logistics and brings a perfect company

Nov 15, 2019(Pg 22-23)

The latest and most prominent changes to freight forwarding are related to cross-border e-commerce, Blockchain and Big Data. Such developments are resulting...

Nov 2, 2019

Mobile Applications enabling the future of logistics.We are in the twenty-first century, and we are headed towards technological infinity, positioning people’s

Sep 9, 2019

Digital integration and technological remodeling are imperative for simpler, cost-effective, convenient, transparent and accurate implementation of..

Sep 3, 2019

Being in this technologically enriched epoch, people want to savour the benefits of digital facets. From reading the news to listening songs, everything has evolved...

Aug 19, 2019

Logistics Partners turn market anticipators. Dr. Ambrish Kumar, Founder and Manager Director, Logycode stresses..

9th August 2019(Pg 20, edition August 2019.)

The logistics and freight forwarding fraternity is dynamically evolving, significantly attributed to the tremendous competition..

8th August 2019

Having the privilege of living in this digital age, customers opting for air cargo services want a quick and fully digitalized sales..

26th July 2019

Web-based e-cloud platform LogYcode offers a cost-effective solution for freight forwarders, exporters..

July 2019

In the midst of the bustling and monotonous chores of the freight forwarding modus-operandi,involving...

9th July 2019(Pg 11, edition July 2019.)

LogYcode, an NCR based e-commerce start-up, has a team with deep domain experience, global proficiency, strong....

18th June 2019

NCR-based e-commerce start-up LogYcode aims to create a platform or a marketplace which provides the air freight industry...

12th June 2019

e-commerce start-up LogYcode is set to make the cost-effective match between exporters and importers on....

7th June 2019(Pg 9, edition June 2019.)